Slow Cycle Farm - USA

The new homestead vision with access to the features being the primary concern. Greenhouse (with thermal heat collection) is on a boardwalk from the house and connected to the two-car garage and workshop...

Gaida and Hiller - Canada

After learning about Permaculture and sustainable lifestyles, forward-thinking families have no qualms about taking the plunge and redesigning their personal landscape for increased food production and managing their natural resources...

Tidwell Urban Orchard - USA

Karri Tidwell is a Certified Holistic Health Coach from the school of Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She wanted her residence to have the exterior landscape to support...

McNeal Flora - USA

Seeing the land as a canvas for creating a new lifestyle is as much art as science. For artisans wishing to surround themselves with living inspiration, the soil can supply all that is needed. Sensitivity to and inspiration from colours...

Guide Rock - USA

A small homestead fits in the Nebraska plains. 15 miles to the nearest diner. An hour any major city.  Any trip to town for supplies, groceries, or repair parts is a major event taking hours of the day. The isolation of the property is only equalled by the solitude and silence...

Northville - USA

On all residential lots, optimizing space is crucial. Especially when the majority of your property is water and now shoreline. Add to this the residence driveway and outdoor spaces, sometimes there is not a lot left for gardening or growing our own food...

Belleville - USA

Inspired by the French landscape and cuisine, ingredients for the restaurant was the primary production for this landscape. Field crops are placed on terraced contours. Large movable type tunnels protected numerous vegetables and spices... 

Gulf Road - USA

Building an intentional community is a complex process not only ecologically and for supporting infrastructure, but additional tasks are involved for organizational development and defining relationships within the community...

BIOTONOMY -Autonomous Buildings

United Designers is thrilled to work with land and ecology-based engineering of Biotonomy. Biotonomy is redefining the abiotic realm of building materials to support and infuse human habitat within the enhanced beauty of the natural landscape...


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