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Stowell Residence - USA

Located in the high desert of Colorado Springs, this residential 7,500 sq ft property has sweeping views of the Rocky Mountains as an asset and strong winds, parched clay soil, and intense summer sun as a limitation. With an average yearly rainfall of 16” and city-wide water restrictions, a water-wise landscape design is essential. 

This residential landscape is designed to enhance the mountain views without blocking them and to provide food, beauty, wildlife support, and opportunities for entertaining and relaxing. Except for a few fruit trees, all native and drought-tolerant plants were chosen to enhance the ecological impact of the property as well as ensure a high rate of plant success.   


Climate:  BSk - Cold Semi-Arid

Annual Precipitation:  16 Inches 

Country: USA 

Function:   Edible landscape and wildlife support

Size:  7,500 sq ft

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