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Grassy Mountains

Watershed Restoration

Hyderabad Collective - India

Hyderabad Collective - India

The Hyderabad Collective is located amidst beautiful hills and valleys just 31km off the Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad.  Site work on the 132 Ac land commenced in 2020. 

From in-depth landscape studies to intricate farm activities, the ball hasn’t stopped rolling. The major steps towards achieving food, water and power security have been taken. The rocky land that was deemed unfit for food cultivation is brimming...

Bassin Bleu Watershed - Haiti 2.png

Basin Bleu Watershed - Haiti

The Bassin Bleu watershed is 6000 acres of steep hillsides and rough mountainous terrain. The once dense forest was long ago removed and since then much of the topsoil has eroded into the ocean. Deep ravines carve through the valleys as the waters continually gain energy and speed through the watershed. Silting of the ocean shoreline and flooding along...

La Valee de Jacmel - District Forest Pla

La Valee de Jacmel  - Haiti

Restoration of landscapes must go hand-in-hand with the communities of animals, plants, and people. To managed watershed which benefits everyone becomes a protected resource in cultural heritage. When people and sectors of the community are considered and benefit, the restoration efforts ...

Jensen Ranch - Texas - United States.png

Jensen Ranch - USA

In Southern, Texas ranches have extremes of dry heat and downpours of rain. The combination of compacted soils for cattle, overgrazing, and insufficient rotation causes the soil to harden. Water runs off instead of infiltrating the soil. Erosion tears through the bare soil as the water is focused in ravines...

Restoring Hydrological cycle.jpeg

Restoring The Hydrological cycle - Graphics

Frequently we find it necessary to develop graphics to explain the complex biological systems and processes involved in our designs. These graphics vary from the simplest reactions of stones in sunlight...

La Valee de Jacmel - Haiti
Jensen Ranch - USA
Restoring The Hydrological cycle - Graphics
Basin bleu
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