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Gaida and Hillier - ON - Canada.png

Gaida and Hiller - Canada

After learning about Permaculture and sustainable lifestyles, forward-thinking families have no qualms about taking the plunge and redesigning their personal landscape for increased food production and managing their natural resources. When doing the site assessment, United designers delivers the information needed to make these long-term decisions.  

Property owners are impressed with the possibilities of the land they so long only enjoyed as mere turf.  With a little more effort than the mowing and management that it took to maintain the conventional urban and suburban yard, the beauty and harvests of ecologically designed landscaping for sustainable abundance become a reality. Overgrown or sparse woodlands are augmented with fruiting trees and shrubs. Fences are instant trellises of cucumber, beans, squash, grapes and stands of raspberries.  Small children’s gardens become a place of fascination, education, and appreciation for the taste of food their great grandparents may have once enjoyed. Resources that flowed off the property are now cycled into the soil as rainwater collects off the roofs or waste is turned back into the land it came from. The family becomes part of the landscape enjoying all the benefits of their peaceful outside by bringing the fruits of their labour inside; mind, body, and home.


Climate:  Humid High Moderate Temperature
Annual Precipitation: 947 mm
Country: Canada
Function:  Transition Homestead 
Size:  0.5 hectares

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