Beloeil’s Collective Food Forest.jpg

Beloeil’s Collective Food Forest

This 700-square-meter food forest was designed and implemented after the city changed the street layout and created a large planting area. Wishing to offer the population more food autonomy, the city approached us to design the site...

Parsons Park - ON - Canada.png

Parsons Park Food Forest - Canada

With the beautiful Grand River, multiple heritage sites and museums, over 1000 acres of park area, swimming pools and fun splash pads, Brantford has recreation options for everyone.
The desire for a natural community...

Parsons Park - ON - Canada -

Parsons Park Food Forest - Canada

The project demonstrates strong environmental stewardship and aligns with a green infrastructure incentive as outlined in the city’s strategic plan. The food forest,  an orchard mimicking a natural forest and include...

Upper Post Veterans Farm - MN - United S

Upper Post Veterans Farm - USA

One of the ways to recycle resources is to repurpose whatever that item might be for a new purpose. Instead of sending things into landfills or waiting until there is not a choice except for the expensive relocation of materials for deconstruction,  planning for the reuse...

Farm & Table -NM - United States.png

Farm and Table Restaurant - USA

It is an incredible joy to work with people who want to combine the love of growing vegetables and cooking those harvests for in their restaurant. A number of times we have been asked to help design the landscape that ...

Zaytuna College - CA - United States (+p

Zaytuna College Campus - USA

The Zaytuna College campus sits High above the San Francisco Bay in Berkeley California. This area is called seminary Hill, home to seminaries of many different faith communities. Recently purchased, the designated site for us to work on was bare, desolate...

Dieng Foundation - Senegal.jpg

Dieng Foundation Demonstration farm - Senegal

This part of Senegal is in the Sahel, the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. Each year the dry sands extend further into the agricultural lands.  Our task was to build water conservation and soil protection practices into the production methods...

Hope and Care for children Inc. - Liberi

Hope and Care for Children - Liberia

Just recently the orphanage for open care for children was flooded out in another part of Liberia. The non-profit moved the orphanage to another area and built new dormitories and classrooms. This new land was also...

Gratia Plena farm - MD - United States.j

Gratia Plena Farm - USA

The culture of the Gratia Plena farm is based on stewardship. It is a culture of health, balance and beauty, and the opportunity for those that visit and attend to reap the healthful benefits and the possibility to learn new skills 

IHP Foundation - VA - United States.png

IHP Foundation - USA

As you enter the IHP foundation farm and cross past the dry-stacked stone walls, you see the Heirloom Grove (a zone two area) on your right. The Heirloom Grove consists of transplanted...

UD - IPUKA - Urn Memorial.png

3D Renderings

Not all projects require the same level of complexity, but on some occasions, vibrant and realistic 3D Renderings can bring your vision to life. It allows you to see through the eyes of a life-sized person how the proportions and aesthetics of the project will look...