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Northville - USA

On all residential lots, optimizing space is crucial. Especially when the majority of your property is water and narrow shoreline. Add to this the residence driveway and outdoor spaces, sometimes there is not a lot left for gardening or growing our own food. What is left are small microclimates that can be used to intensely grow either small patches of perennial and annual plants or the ability to go vertical with trellises or trees. Adding to this a preference for a spiritual connection with the land, sacred geometry, and biodynamics, we now have a serious list of design drivers to consider. Keeping in mind that access to these spaces is a priority, that is the first task and gives us the ability to use sacred geometry as a guide. Using the Fibonacci spiral, centric circles pivoting on the centre of the home are lined up to the natural contours of the land. Where these intersect is the placement of paths, terraces, retaining walls, and growing beds. This also extended to the patio and deck overhanging the shoreline. Curvilinear shapes honour the spiralling but balanced energy from the home. A tree and food lined path along the south-facing shoreline leads to a shelter for reading, conversation, and meditation. The cycle of energy and resources flows through the residence and its residents.


Climate:  Great Lakes, Humid Continental
Annual Precipitation:  38 inches
Country: USA
Function:  Spiritually infused homestead
Size: 1 acre

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