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United Designers is thrilled to work with land and ecology-based engineering of Biotonomy. Biotonomy is redefining the abiotic realm of building materials to support and infuse human habitat within the enhanced beauty of the natural landscape. Living spaces of one unified design seamlessly and artistically blend to a serene environmental canvas. They provide groundbreaking and nature-based design principles that go beyond passive & green-building certification standards.


Together with our collective international network, we work to accelerate the transformation to autonomous development with nature-based solutions. Holistic design is crucial, and when done right it can impact the entire world. Meeting the needs of our society without breaching the earth’s ecological boundaries will demand architects & designers to start practising holistic approaches with nature-based solutions.

Designing buildings with holistic solutions means that the forms, materials & systems in a building are all designed to cooperate as one living organism and not as separated entities.

Their design phase is about finding the ultimate form that links the building with the physical components of nature. Therefore the movement of the sun, the flow of water & air, and the soil are the primary elements to study when designing their buildings. Just as we do the landscapes. By aligning the geometry with the physical components of nature they make sure the building is naturally heating & cooling itself and producing its own water. With the use of biology, they design a food production- & wastewater system that produces food all year round & cleans all its wastewater naturally with plants. Their buildings are also designed with an integrated solar & wind power system that produces electricity all year round for appliances & lights.

Finally adding regenerative continuity between hardscapes and landscapes. 

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