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Tropical Leaves



La Ferme Geneste - France

Nestled in the valley of Coux-et-Bigaroque-Mouzens this former farm and Walnut Orchard is heading towards a huge transformation to a more sustainable agroforestry system.

Our affiliate partner "Food from the Forest" is starting an impressive demonstration site for Food Forest systems, with plans for an equally impressive tree nursery to service future food...

Dholbajja Central Highlands Restoration

Dholbajja Central Highlands Restoration Project - India

Upscaling Agroforestry in India. People living in the Central Highlands of India were once deeply connected to the forest landscape and rich biodiversity. Nomadic forest dwellers like the Baiga...

Shambu Pipar Central Highlands Restorati

Shambu Pipar Central Highlands Restoration Project - India

The Central Highlands (India) Restoration Project (CHiRP) is a collaboration between Gond and Baiga communities, Samerth Charitable Trust, Commonland, IKEA Foundation, The Nature Conservancy India, and United Designers...

Crandall Homestead - MN - United States

Crandall Homestead - USA

This property is a wonderful find. A combination of large production fields, wetlands and woodland, steep rocky slopes, two established homesites (one historical and abandoned), a small pond turned into a large reservoir...

Crandall Botanical Preserve - MN - Unite

Crandall Botanical

Reserve - USA

It is not often that you come across a land site that has been untouched for generations. The Crandall Homestead is a combination of conventional farm fields, wetlands, woodlands.  The forest floor is filled with ramps, hog peanut, multiple species of ferns, medicinal plants, herbs, and nuts...

Afenbô Communauté - Seguin - Haiti.jpg

Afenbô Communauté -


In the mountains of South Western Haiti lies the hidden village of Seguin. It is the centre for agrarian trade and resources in the area. Five hours from Port au Prince by road...

Martin Homestead - ND - United

Martin Homestead - USA

Dana Martin wanted to create I self-sustaining food production system on their 10 acres of the North Dakota Prairie. South was designed an integrated horticultural system to reduce labour and increase the diversity of harvest to the family...

Haase Perennial Acre - MN - United State

Haase Perennial Acre - USA

Generations of family farming are changing to address the diminishing soil resource and the inevitability of extreme weather changes. Perennial crop systems are being developed to rival the harvest and revenue of conventional commodity crops...

Peachey Farm - IN - United States.jpg

Peachey Farm - USA

What a joy to spend a week on an Amish farm drawing at the kitchen table in pencil. Everything has an ethic of simplicity. Sylvan rotates his cattle through fields of grass he manages with a Brix meter and his eyes...

Southwoods Swales.png

Installations - Graphics

Ecological design requires layering and integrating systems which by themselves are simply explained and together involve complex relationships.  For the benefit of our clients understanding and the understanding of those, they are responsible for, the simplest way...

Shambu Pipar
Crandall Homestead
Crandall Botanical Reserve
Afenbo Communaute
Martin Homestead
Haase perennial Acre
Peachey farm
Installations - Graphics
La Ferme Geneste - France
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