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Urban Design - Madrid, Spain

The owners requested to redesign their urban garden to transform it into a biodiversity orchard that would generate its own food and optimize natural resources. To do this, one of the first steps was to carry out a study of shadows that would allow knowing their movement on the plot since their influence defines the microclimates and determines the location of the elements of the system.

At the same time, given the low annual rainfall in the area, an area of dry Mediterranean garden was included in the design, and various strategies aimed to reduce and optimize the water needs of the irrigated area.

In this way, through ecological design, an increase in the natural capital of the plot has been achieved and the garden has been transformed into an orchard fed with rainwater, where the natural cycle of decomposition of organic matter is worked on to create and maintain a fertile and living soil.


Climate:  Csa - Mediterranean hot summer
Annual Precipitation: 529 mm
Country:  Spain
Function: Urban design
Size: 1.000 m2

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