Parsons Park Food Forest - Canada

With the beautiful Grand River, multiple heritage sites and museums, over 1000 acres of park area, swimming pools and fun splash pads, Brantford has recreation options for everyone.
The desire for a natural community greenspace for rest, recreation, and relaxation with paved park paths. Inclusive playground with swings and sand play area for children to play was a logical next step.

The project demonstrates strong environmental stewardship and aligns with a green infrastructure incentive as outlined in the city’s strategic plan. The food forest,  an orchard mimicking a natural forest and include pear, apple and gum trees, along with elderberry and hackberry plants.
The project projected desires to include plant material, mulch, raised garden beds, lumber, soil, a stone dust path, a standard park bench, picnic tables, storage shed, rain barrels and renting a portable washroom.
This added to the local food supply and people will be encouraged to pick the fruit free of charge.


Climate:  Dfb - Humid continental climate 
Annual Precipitation:  867 mm

Country:  Canada
Function: Public Park

Size: 5000 m2

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