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McNeal Flora - MS - United States.png

McNeal Flora - USA

Seeing the land as a canvas for creating a new lifestyle is as much art as science. For artisans wishing to surround themselves with living inspiration, the soil can supply all that is needed. Sensitivity to and inspiration from colours, composition, and balance are all fed from the placement of beneficial and perennial plants. Trees blossom and fruit and berries appear in a range of sizes, colours and days of summer. Each season will bring its hues, pollinators, and harvests. From the studio or desk, the creators wander the muse of their forest garden or greenhouse. Serenaded by the birds, lulled by the humming bees, and entreated by aerobatic butterflies, the art of life brings back the biological essence of creativity.

The stream, once a flooding ravine, captures the water, creates a residence for aquatic creatures, and cool ponds for tired eyes and feet. The land is rehydrated, building natural capital, the foundation of increased abundance and higher carrying capacity of the land. 
From the restricted footage of the home, the living space now extends to the exterior, in acres.


Climate:  Sub Tropical
Annual Precipitation:   54.2 inches
Country: USA
Function:  Artists’ Retreat and Sustainable Homestead
Size: 20 acres

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