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"Le Vallon"de Haras De Saint Pair - Normandy - France

Nestled within the picturesque Calvados region lies a visionary 13.7-hectare regenerative agroforestry endeavour, situated at the heart of the historic 'Haras de Saint Pair,' the oldest operational stud farm in Normandy, France. This ambitious project aims to serve as a beacon of sustainable practices and land stewardship for the entire region, offering not only a sustainable food source but also serving as a source of inspiration for regenerative practices. Moreover, it seeks to provide educational opportunities for young minds and enhance the biodiversity of the area.

Led by our Co-Founders, Weruschca Kirkegaard and Sara Garcia, alongside the invaluable support of Mike Lynn and Jessica Robertson, the project stands as a testament to the possibilities of agroforestry. With a primary focus on showcasing seven distinct systems, notably Food Forests, the project aims to cultivate sustainable and diverse ecosystems of edible plants and trees. These systems mimic the structure and functionality of natural forests, creating a lush and vibrant landscape that enriches the surrounding environment.

In addition to the Food Forests, the project boasts an innovative water management design, featuring several large ponds and micro catchments strategically dispersed throughout the site. These water features not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also serve to strengthen the valley against the challenges posed by fluctuating temperatures and weather extremes while facilitating the implementation and succession of all agroforestry systems.

Furthermore, a myriad of rewilding efforts has been seamlessly integrated into the design, fostering habitat diversity and supporting a balanced trophic cascade, thereby nurturing a thriving ecosystem teeming with life. Large meadows, extensive riparian zones and mixed hedges, both low and tall, wide and narrow, further bolster these efforts, providing essential support to the various systems in place.

Notably, every decision in the project was meticulously designed with the utmost consideration for the potential toxicity of vegetation to the horses on the estate, ensuring their safety in the event of inadvertent entry into the valley. 

Truly an inspiring endeavour, this project serves as a shining example of how regenerative practices can converge to create a sustainable and harmonious ecosystem, enriching both the land and the lives it touches.



Climate:   Cfb - Marine West Coast Climate
Annual Precipitation:  739,9 mm
Country: France
Function:  Agroforestry demonstration Site
Size: 13.7 hectare

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