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Ferme La Geneste - Dordogne - France

Nestled in the valley of Coux-et-Bigaroque-Mouzens this former farm and Walnut Orchard is heading towards a huge transformation to a more sustainable agroforestry system.

Our affiliate partner "Food from the Forest" is starting an impressive demonstration site for Food Forest systems, with plans for an equally impressive tree nursery to service future food forest projects in the region. As part of the transition, a beautiful camping ground and a large market garden will also be implemented to back the project both financially as well as raising self-sufficiency.
Key design drivers so far:

  • Water retention

  • Soil improvement

  • Food forests

  • Market garden

  • Raise diversity and resilience

  • Tree nursery



Climate:   Cfb - Marine West Coast Climate
Annual Precipitation:  837.5 mm
Country: France
Function:  Food Forest demonstration farm 
Size: 12.2 hectare

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