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Belleville - USA

Inspired by the French landscape and cuisine,  ingredients for the restaurant was the primary production for this landscape.  Field crops are placed on terraced contours. Large movable type tunnels protected numerous vegetables and spices being grown in extended seasons. Mushrooms are propagated in the shady and mixed hardwood forest. Goats, chickens, and other livestock graze along the shoreline and steep slopes. Entry gardens are filled with roses, tulips, crocus and other perennial plants. Numerous patches of fruiting trees and shrubs dot the landscape for patrons to wander and sample. Farm staff and chefs were close to provide in-season cherished ingredients from the menus.  


The original barn on the property is transformed into a dining experience. Allowances must be made for deliveries and parking of this commercial venture. Turnaround space for trucks. Runoff collection into constructed wetlands from the parking lot. The ability to clean and absorb the water in the large roof of the barn and other buildings is also a priority. As well as composting and building the soils for increased production. A complete full circle dining experience to ecologically inform and influence the expectations of the patrons.


Climate:  Humid Continental
Annual Precipitation: 42 inches
Country:  USA
Function: Restaurant and production farm

for French Cuisine 
Size: 32 acres

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