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Shambu Pipar Central Highlands Restoration Project - India

Upscaling Agroforestry in India. People living in the Central Highlands of India were once deeply connected to the forest landscape and rich biodiversity. Nomadic forest dwellers like the Baiga complemented a diet of seasonal delicacies with sweet potato and maize grown through shifting cultivation. The Central Highlands (India) Restoration Project (CHiRP) is a collaboration between Gond and Baiga communities, Samerth Charitable Trust, Commonland, IKEA Foundation, The Nature Conservancy India, and United Designers.

The aim is to restore and protect 3,000 hectares of land By 2023. Restoring native forests, revitalizing local knowledge and connecting entrepreneurs to an innovative and scalable agroforestry industry. With sustainable income sources based on robust market linkages developed for 1,000 smallholder families while creating biodiversity benefits in the Kabirdham and Durg districts. 

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Climate:  Tropical Monsoon, Savannah
Annual Precipitation: 1292 mm

Country: India
Function: Agroforestry

Size: 10,400 hectares

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