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Roggebotstaete - The Netherlands

The Roggebotstaete estate originated on the former nursery of the National Office for IJsselmeerpolders. In the 90s of the last century, it was decided to divest half of the nursery, 52 ha, and turn it into an ecological estate. Various interventions have been made to support nature development in the area. Now, in 2021, Roggebotstaete is on the threshold of a transition. There is a vision for the development of living and recreation. As a result, there is a need for a landscape framework in which the current functions find a place and new functions can develop integrally. The framework must form the basis for a robust green-blue structure that matches the landscape identity and character of the place. Important starting points for the new development are increasing biodiversity, increasing resilience to climate change, and integrating recreational and small-scale living.


This publication is merely a small part of many more developments to come throughout the estate, but we are delighted to share the first big steps. The full development of a ceremonial square and the glamping area, embraced by Biodiverse wooded berms, the permanent tiny houses and the largescale market garden area. Still, to come; the diversification of the forested areas, adding abundant edges, a new food forest, developing interconnected riparian zones, a new marshland, hedges and edges throughout and much more. The core goal of the Roggebotstaete Foundation is to develop an area where nature and human action are in balance, for now, and in the future, where (Bio)diversity is in the lead.

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Climate:   Cfb - Temperate oceanic climate
Annual Precipitation:  900 mm
Country: The Netherlands
Function:  Ecological Estate
Size: 52.96 hectare

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