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Southwoods Homestead - USA



Site type: 


Site function: 


25 acres


Annual Precipitation:

27 inches


Dfb - Warm-summer humid continental climate


1.85 acres


Northern Great Lakes Forests Bioregion

The Southwoods Homestead started with the purchase of the land in 2004. 25 acres on an oak savanna previously used as a horse farm and sales of log homes. A residence on the farm is a traditional log home with modern amenities. Of the 25-acre land site, approximately 8 acres is usable for production or small livestock. The balance is a very large wetland which connects to a nearby lake. In the process of developing the food systems, microclimates are identified while other areas were identified for their function.

Functional spaces like food production, small livestock, orchard, composting, storage, water sources, clothesline, fire pit, and a nursery, among other things. The property slopes to the north and only flattens near the wetlands. This is a cool and wet area with high humidity and a tendency to have frost. Loamy clay soils cover most of the land and shift to peat and high organic matter in the marsh. As an oak savannah, the land is lush and green all summer with high vegetation for browsing goats and other small livestock. Goats have been the key to keeping the savannah state of the land. They manage the invasive and broad-leaved plants. Many times beehives deliver over 1000 lbs of honey per year. Wildlife shares the farmland in a semi-wild state and numerous perennial and native plants are harvested each year. Southwoods is an experimental farm building new practices and educational programs. It is the central design hub for United Designers.


United Designers Int.



Daniel Halsey


Founder and Head of Design & Education

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