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Huntly Cattle Station - Australia

Huntly is an evolving property nestled in the beautiful Arcadia Valley in the Central Highlands of Queensland. It is a certified organic, grass-fed beef operation. Embracing both Holistic management, Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture with the vision of creating a whole, self-sustainable, prosperous community. Owner, farmer, environmentalist and artist Bloss Hickson, a strong believer in the value of trees in the landscape, kept both brigalow trees and others, notably the remnant rainforest Ooline trees, in strategic belts, describing them as the legumes replacing the nutrients leached out by buffelgrass. This holistic approach extends to her cattle enterprise, where she runs a herd of Brangus for the organic market.

Our design assignment revolved around closing the incoming and outgoing energies, increasing the self-reliance of the main building, and increasing the water storage capacity of the plot.

Design Features;

  • Food forest on contour with integrated swales

  • Greywater management

  • Vermicomposting

  • Aquaculture

  • Chicken-composting lane

  • Nursery

  • Kitchen gardens

  • Generating work routing and schedules for onsite woofer's and trainees


Climate:  Semi - Arid 
Annual Precipitation: 635 mm

Country: Australia
Function: (Demonstration) Farm

Size: 5286 hectare

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