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Finca Antiguo Telar - Spain.png

Finca Antigua Telar - Spain

The owners were looking for a design that would give the farm a certain degree of resilience and self-sufficiency. To do this, they wanted a system that, in addition to generating their own food sustainably, would optimize water management on the farm, regenerate the soil fertility and increase biodiversity. Also, a small wetland, a greywater phyto-purification system, and a recreation area were included in the design.

To achieve these goals, given the extreme conditions of the continental Mediterranean climate, the high evapotranspiration, and high soil compaction, different strategies were included in the design to maximize water retention in the soil, improve the structure and biology of the soil and create productive biodiverse habitats that give continuity to the environment, providing resilience to the ecosystem.


Climate:   Csa - Mediterranean hot summer
Annual Precipitation:  569 mm
Country: Spain
Function:  Homestead
Size: 1,69 ha

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