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Cutler - USA

The Cutler farm has rich soils over a high-water table. Drainage is a constant concern to work the fields. It is prone to flooding and standing water. The soil is slightly acidic due to the hydric state and high organic material.  This is suited well to cattle and livestock forage. Haying, and minimal use of machinery or cultivation. With the addition of swales and ponds, water can be maintained on the property and available as needed in summer.


The rough areas difficult to access are best used for tree crops with minimal disturbance. The stream bed needs to be restored and reinforced on the inner and outer banks and curves.  Wet seasons are followed by dry seasons when the wet areas may be grazed. This wetland area has resources and better grasses during drought. Other areas are divided for rotational grazing. Especially in season, each pasture has its primary production time and recovery period. Windbreaks are added on the east and west sides to protect livestock and add additional organic materials.


Climate:  Temperate Cold

Annual Precipitation:       32 inches

Country: USA

Function:  Livestock Homestead

                  Streambed restoration

                  Microclimate production areas

                  Grazing strategies

Size:   77.4 acres

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