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Valladolid Homestead - Spain

Ecological design, regenerative landscaping, and permaculture in Valladolid.

The clients were looking for a design that would bring together ecological restoration, landscaping, and production. To this end, various zones were created in which, in a transversal way, different strategies have been integrated to increase soil fertility, and biodiversity (flora and fauna) and to integrate and optimize the management of water resources. To contribute to the defragmentation of the landscape, an ecosystem restoration zone has been created and live hedges have been included in the perimeter.

An agroforestry area has also been included that follows the standards of regenerative agriculture.

In the area surrounding the buildings, intended for recreation and enjoyment of the property, special attention has been paid to the creation of a beautiful sustainable Mediterranean garden with a couple of naturalized ponds.


Climate:   Csa - Mediterranean Hot Summer
Annual Precipitation:  449 mm
Country: Spain
Function:  Homestead
Size: 4,3 Ha

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