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Tap O'Noth - Scotland .png

Tap O'Noth - Scotland 

The combination of proximity to resources and geographic location makes for highly variable possibilities. Such it is for Tap o’ Noth. A permaculture CSA in Scotland at 57º Latitude. The driving rains and biting wind is a constant in this essentially treeless landscape. Summer days are long allowing for good production that is well protected under plastic and polytunnels. The short season requires diligent gardening for vegetables like potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, leeks, sweetcorn, courgettes, chard, squash, chicory, pumpkins, rhubarb, onions, broad beans and mushrooms.  


The climate is suited to numerous fruiting shrubs like fruits are raspberries, gooseberries, and tree crops such as plums, cherries and apples. Lush grasses supply livestock forages and ample feed for ducks and chickens.  The slope of the property is used to collect run-off and channel rains into ponds. This basemap was produced for Tap o’ Noth in 2014 by Daniel Halsey of United Designers.


Climate:  Cold Temperate
Annual Precipitation:  762 mm
Country: Scotland
Function:  Educational and Tourism

                  Farm / CSA
Size:  8 acres

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