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Spider Island - Egypt

Spider Island - Egypt

​A central Aquatic ecosystem growth unit for building a new robust ecosystem. Through the purification of the stagnant lake water with shaded moving parts, covered with Halophytes, and polycultures to rebuild a robust aquatic ecosystem and boost fish production. 

  • Reducing and stabilizing water temperatures, by creating shade with plants;

  • Increase oxygen levels due to lower water temperature and increased primary carbon production;

  • Reducing salinity and nutrients levels and building fertile soils from lake sediments by ecological growth, of halophytes and salt-tolerant crops;

  • Reduction of heavy metal pollution out of the soils by biomass growth

  • Building a robust and biodiverse aquatic ecosystem. With a full kickstart of the food web to increase and stabilize sustainable fish production.


Climate:  Arid
Annual Precipitation: 5 millimetres

Country: Egypt
Function:  Floating Island

Size: NA

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