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Saline Farms - Sinai

System designs for food production, desalination and water-harvesting in an extreme Arid Climate. Regenerating an ecosystem of scale will create a huge amount of benefits for local communities: increasing food, freshwater, jobs, peaceful lives and a sustainable future. Commissioned by the Weather makers as part of a larger holistic, multidimensional, symbiotic approach for ecological regeneration in the Sinai. 

Re-greening the desert in a sustainable matter is feasible but is definitely not easy, primarily because of the scarcity of available water. However, several successful examples and practical methods of restoration are available. There are a number of principles that will enhance infiltration of water, increase the amount of organic matter in the soil, and create microclimates in well-established poly-cultures.


Climate:  Arid
Annual Precipitation: 40 millimetres

Country: Egypt
Function:  Saline Farms

Size: NA

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