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Oliveira de Condé - Portugal

For many centuries the hills of Portugal were terraced for food production by small villages and farms. In the past decades, Eucalyptus plantations have destroyed the terrace systems and the natural irrigation canals. United Designers was hired to design solutions to rebuild the hydrology and forest ecology for a long term homestead. Massive eucalyptus fires have burned large areas of the country. Returning the land to ancient forestry practices reduces fire risk, creates long-standing resources, and flowing streams. Along with the ancient terraces are the stone buildings from past farms.  This place was farmland. It did grow bountiful crops in the past. It can again and support the community with fresh food, nuts, fruit, and many products such as cork and wood. Rebuilding these product lines of the land needs only a plan to create new nutrient richness of the soil. The unattended stream bed runs freely on the west border, where it once powered  mill and filled the terrace canals across the steep slopes. An ecological balance production system with the farmers' and stewards will ensure a legacy of abundance.


Climate:  warm temperate climate
Annual Precipitation: 905 mm

Country: Portugal
Function:  Broadacre woodland homestead

Size:  26 hectares

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