Martin Homestead - USA

Dana Martin wanted to create I self-sustaining food production system on their 10 acres of the North Dakota Prairie. South was designed an integrated horticultural system to reduce labour and increase the diversity of harvest to the family.
Previously Dana’s uncle and planted a wide windbreak around the homestead area. Within this protected space was a gentle slope allowing for runoff from the house and landscape to be collected in ponds and swales. A family of four with young children supply an ample amount of water to the immediate trees and shrubs from the laundry room and showers.

•    Gray water systems recycle household water to the landscape. 
•    The rooflines of the house, garage, and barn supply water to the outer landscape of fruiting

      trees and shrubs.
•    Water tanks in the greenhouse are used for storage and moderating the temperature during

      cold days. 
•    Within this homestead, the landscape is room for large gardens, orchards, a vineyard, and

      rotational grazing for small livestock.


Climate:  Continental Climate, Extremely Variable
Annual Precipitation: 21 inches

Country: United States
Function:  Homestead

Size:  10 acres 

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