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La Valleé - Haiti

Growing crops on steep hillsides is a common practice in many areas of the world where open land is scarce.  Farmers quickly learned that cultivation and contour save their soil and reduces the loss of crops during heavy weather. Although many farmers already have this practice, they are still subject to extreme erosion as the soil is loosened and uncovered during planting season.


Using intermittent terraces and berms on the hillsides, sliding soil can be collected and overtime restructures the hillside in more manageable and level plots. United designers suggest different uses for different slopes. As the Hill gets steeper, the soil is less stable and water as a great amount of energy as gravity pulls it down the hill.

In the process of design, we follow the tendencies of nature’s response to site conditions and augment them with ecologically functional plants to enhance the stabilizing system. Many of these plants are for food production, soil regeneration, and habitat of beneficial insects and wildlife.


Climate:  Aw - Tropical Savannah
Annual Precipitation: 1516 mm / 59,7 inches

Country: Haiti
Function: Soil stability and increased carrying capacity

Size:  3 acres

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