Cactus Field

( Largescale )

Ecosystem Restoration

Spider Island - Egypt

​A central Aquatic ecosystem growth unit for building a new robust ecosystem. Through the purification of the stagnant lake water with shaded moving parts, covered with Halophytes...

Saline Farms - Sinai

System designs for food production, desalination and water-harvesting in an extreme Arid Climate. Regenerating an ecosystem of scale will create a huge amount of benefits for local communities...

Szczecin Lagoon

Eco Island - Poland

For hundreds of years dredging companies have been digging ship canals and shipping lanes deep into sea beds. Soil from these has been dumped on land and shorelines...

Oliveira de Condé - Portugal

For many centuries the hills of Portugal were terraced for food production by small villages and farms. In the past decades, Eucalyptus plantations have destroyed the terrace systems and the natural irrigation canals. United Designers was hired to design solutions to rebuild the hydrology ...

West Molokai - Hawaii

By the request and engagement of Walter Ritte, support for this assessment and report was provided by the Molokai Pule O’o, Trisha Kehaulani Watson of Aina Mo Hana, with assistance from Aloha Aina Fellows of the Molokai Community College... 

Ecosystem Restoration Camp - Spain

In Southeast Spain is the Altiplano Ecosystem Restoration Camp. It was inspired by John D. Liu and his Green Gold Documentary of China’s Loess Mountains. The camp is a cooperative venture of volunteers, designers, restoration ecologists, GIS experts, and an army of...

Finca Arboreden -

Costa Rica

Arboreden is designed to have completed homesteads with food forests, annual gardens, hoop houses, freshwater plumbing, rainwater storage, greywater systems, Solar PV, WiFi, and ecologically supported housing...


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