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Kimborough Farm  - USA

Nestled in the fertile lands of Door County Wisconsin, the Kimbrough Farm enjoys a temperate climate moderated by Lake Michigan in Sturgeon Bay. The homestead has all the benefits of location, soil, access to resources, and gentle topography. The 118-acre site has been farmed for many generations, yet It has a high degree of organic material in soil fertility. A large portion of the land is still wooded and although the bedrock in some areas is exposed, it quickly recedes underneath the rich loamy soil in most of the fields.  


This homestead is designed to support a large extended family and serve as a continuous resource to the family for self-sustained food production. Value-added and speciality products will sustain a moderate income and support local trade. As many historically documented farms of the past, this will eventually be a human and animal-powered operation, reducing the need for fossil fuels and off-site energy sources.  The features of the plan are developed at this time. Southwoods had completed the site assessment and identification of functional spaces.  From this point, the design moves to specific attributes of each system and their integration as an adaptive system.


Climate:  Warm Summer Continental, 

                Hemiboreal Climate
Annual Precipitation: 31 inches

Country: United States
Function: Farm

Size:   120 acres

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