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Bassin Bleu Watershed - Haiti 2.png

Basin Bleu Watershed - Haiti

The Bassin Bleu watershed is 6000 acres of steep hillsides and rough mountainous terrain. The once dense forest was long ago removed and since then much of the topsoil has eroded into the ocean...

Etang de Lauture - Haiti.png

Etang de Lauture - Haiti

When large-scale solutions are imposed upon the landscape, they must take into account many of the small-scale influences in the surrounding watershed. As structures are placed within the streambeds and watershed to collect water, we also collect the silt and organic matter from eroding hills above...


La Valleé - Haiti

Growing crops on steep hillsides is a common practice in many areas of the world where open land is scarce.  Farmers quickly learned that cultivation and contour save their soil and reduces the loss of crops during heavy weather. Although many farmers already have this practice, they are still subject to extreme...