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Foglight Farms, Hillsboro WA - USA

Located atop the rolling hills of Hillsboro, Oregon, Foglight Farms occupies 40 acres of sunny pasture and evergreen forest. Long grassy fields, steep hillsides and forested creek beds all contribute to the unique attributes that make up this diverse piece of land. Ornamental gardens and orchards next to the main housing units are well-established by former tenants. A once forested hillside was recently clearcut, creating a large disturbance and a unique opportunity to support effective ecological succession.  

This site is designed to function as a regenerative farm, homestead, and retreat centre. Food and value-added products are available to sell to the community and sustain the permanent residents. Retreat opportunities will be open to individuals and companies seeking a beautiful place to vacation and learn sustainable lifeways and farming practices. Food forests, rotational grazing livestock and rainwater catchment systems are a few of the many integrative strategies designed for this property. Regenerative practices are a staple of every aspect of this farm, creating abundant resources for both human and wildlife inhabitants. 


Climate: Csb - Warm-summer Mediterranean
Annual Precipitation:  39 inches
Country: United States of America
Function:  Farm & Homestead
Size: 42 acres

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