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De Eenzaamheid Farm - The Netherlands

The family van Schie has been running the farm “De Eenzaamheid” on an island in Warmond for 170 years: Appropriately called  “The Solitude”. In 2020, Roos, Jan and Joost (5th and 6th generation) are moving on to the next step: from organic to regenerative farming.


Working according to the 4Returns approach, in collaboration with NGO's and CommonlandWageningen University and the Louis Bolk Institute, to name but a few. Striving to create four values: ecological, economic, social and cultural.
The aim of the farm is to grow living soil, capture CO2, increase biodiversity, and contribute to the community while raising the profit. Design Features:
•    Holistic grazing
•    Chicken tractors
•    Paludiculture - Productive use of Wet peatlands 
•    Compost production
•    (Re) introducing plant and animal species to increase biodiversity
•    Edible borders, Fedges and small food forests
•    Commercial Kitchen garden for Onsite Bakery


Climate:  Cfb - Temperate Oceanic
Annual Precipitation: 700 mm

Country: The Netherlands
Function: Organic Dairy Farm

Size: 43 hectares

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