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Brown Dog Farm - USA

Brown Dog Farm is a weekend retreat and organic production farm in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. It is owned by Farmhouse Restaurants of Chicago and Easton Illinois. Owners TJ and Molly see the farm as a restful retreat for their employees and a bountiful source of fresh ingredients for their chefs in Chicago.  


140 acres of farmland, untouched by a plough since the mid-1980s has been managed by TJ to sustain the recovering savannah grasslands of heirloom fruit trees. 40 acres have been permanently set aside as protected prairie. Another area in a deep valley has towering Black Walnut sloping to a fern-lined stream. In the design strategy, we wrapped the residence with the perennial harvests and located the annual crops on a terrace facing south. Outlying protected areas are planted with tree crops and fruiting shrubs.


Climate:  Temperate Cold
Annual Precipitation: 35 inches

Country: United States
Function: Farm

Size: 360 acres

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