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Barika farm, Refugee Camp Arbat - Iraq

Uniteddesignersinternational was honoured to venture on this regenerative journey together with Preemptive Love. An impressive non-profit on the frontlines of conflict zones around the world. Where they respond with relief, food to help families survive, shelter to remake homes, creating jobs and much more.

The Location; A Syrian Refugee Camp in Sulaymaniyah Iraq. Where thousands of families are displaced by ISIS.

Our task; To design a regenerative Modelfarm, demonstrating #foodforest and annual vegetable production specific to the semi-arid climate and Kurdish cultural context. While also producing food, herbs, and oils to create value-added products and establishing a locally grown food market. But also restore, the communities ownership and natural rhythms of enjoying each other and nature, a Community space and a Children’s area.


Climate:   Bsk - Cold Semi-Arid
Annual Precipitation:  750 mm
Country: Iraq
Function:  Model Farm 
Size: 2,32 acres

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